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Pain sucks and recovery is hard. Getting through the day can be a challenge. A sports doc, a systems engineer, and a group of athletes got together. Decades of experience in the sports and manual labor fields proved invaluable in creating the ultimate therapy device. Thor's Hammer happened!

We are always working on improving our products and would love to hear your comments and suggestions. 

"As a wheelchair powerlifter, my shoulders get smoked by bench pressing and pushing my chair.  I use Thor's Hammer every day and it works for me!"

Chance Dean

ABOUT Thor's Hammer


Research has  demonstrated that high frequency vibration  "acts on muscle to enhance force, power, flexibility, balance and proprioception suggesting neural enhancement" (1), can help with muscle pain (2) , ease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) (3), and injury rehabilitation (4). In English, this means that the vibration and percussion provided by Thor's Hammer has been scientifically shown to improve muscle performance. Read more about how to use vibration-percussion therapy.

"I'm a Master's lifter, a sports doc, and a sports performance coach. Recovery matters, especially for these old muscles. I use Thor's Hammer before, during, and after I train! I love the results!”

Steve Horwitz, D.C. 

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