Thor's Hammer Vibration and percussion

As a competitive Masters (50+) powerlifter and strongman, I know what athletes put themselves through. I also know (barring major injury) sitting it out is not an option.

As a chiropractor, I know what it takes to keep athletes (and anyone) going!!!! I do a lot of soft tissue work. Last year I finally bought a hypervolt!!! Love it!!! My patients absolutely love it.

I said "why did I take so long to get one. This is great for my recovery and my patients love it"

"Oh, Yeah!! 'cause it is 400 bucks"

As a practitioner, tools like this pay for themselves; but are still pricey. For less than the cost of a hypervolt you can get 2 Thor's Hammers. Trust me you will want more than one. ;) One for the clinic and one for you. If you are buying for personal use, $400- 500 is a big investment. Thor's hammer is less than half the cost of Hypervolt price. In my opinion it is even better.

I still have my hypervolt (3 speeds 4 attachments) I still love it BUT ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOR'S HAMMER MORE!

Thor has 20 speeds and 6 attachments. This has been key to my own workouts and recovery. I use it before, during, and after workouts. The soft attachment is great head to toe. I use on my knees, elbows, wrists and even my sinus and skull. Anywhere there is a bony part that a hard attachment is too much for....the soft attachment is key. It is an integral part of my recovery and a must in my gym bag.

My wife or I will use it while watching TV. Since it is quiet it is not a disruption.

While you don't need to push hard...let the tool do it's work, if you push hard on Thor's Hammer it does OK. If I push hard on the hypervolt it bogs out. I like the hand feel of Thor's hammer. It is lighter and quieter than hypervolt

You don't have to be a health care practitioner or athlete to use Thor's Hammer. If you want to move well, feel well, and live is for you.

Give it a try. I promise you will love it!

Eric Shay, DC

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